Digitalise Deliberative Societies

open source and Standard By DESIGN

Our solutions are designed with standards and Open Source in mind


Privacy comes first! Our solutions are designed with the privacy in mind.

Legal by design

We use legal design concepts to provide legal-proof solutions

What DO we do?

We create infrastructures for deliberative societies


We design and implement software to digitalise the lifecycle of legal documental resources. More specifically, we provide software components for Agencies and Institutions that must handle complex documental processes (i.e. Legislative Councils, Judicial courts, Parliamentary Assemblies, Banks, Companies, Communities and so on). We model the legal knowledge of our clients in order to ensure the legal validity of resources they produce and their long-term preservation. To do so, we use well-known XML standards for legal resources (i.e. AkomaNtoso and LegalRuleML) and modern web technologies, such as web frameworks and semantic web standards, and innovative infrastructure such as blockchains and XML databases.

Legal Compliance Check

We check the Innovative Information Systems (i.e. based on predictive algorithms, machine learning, profiling based on big data, and so on) of our clients, in order to verify their compliance with National Legislation, European Legislation, or International Legislation (e.g., GDPR, eIDAS). More specifically, we help Institutions and Corporate Business to check the compliance of their Business and Administrative Processes to the General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) including Gap Analysis, Risk analysis, DPIA (Data protection impact assessment) and Priority List of counter measurements.


We perform for our clients analysis on the legal feasibility of their solutions, ideas and businesses, and we supply them the legal informatics technical skills (i.e. Akoma Ntoso and LegalRuleML insights) that they need to model their scenarios. Our clients include Citizens Communities, Governmental and Inter-Governmental Institutions and Corporate Organizations.

"What the framework of our Constitution can do is organize the way in which we argue about our future. All of its elaborate machinery - its separation of powers and checks and balances and federalist principles and Bill of Right - are designed to force us into a conversation, a deliberative democracy in which all citizens are required to engage in a process of testing their ideas against an external reality, persuading others of their point of view, and building shifting alliances of consent."

Barack Obama, 2006

Our expertise

if you need to handle digital legal resources then you need us!

Components for Legal Informatics Software

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WYSIWYG Editors for Legal Resources

Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin that displays your content in a beautiful way included for free!

Documents Management Systems for Legal Resources

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UI and UX design for legal informatics software

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automation of life-cycle of legal resources

Vertical & Horizontal (Classic, Full Width, Menu Below, Centered) designs at your fingertips.

systems for distributed and decentralised storage of legal resources

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tools for deliberative systems and e-democracy

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GDPR and eIDAS business assesment

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Legal consultancy for institutions and other organisations

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We trust in Ethical Value and Standards

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Why Choose Us?

From science to products

BitNomos was created by a group of scientists and researchers. Over the last 30 years, we created value in the Legal Informatics area, and our research products became used world-wide. Now, with BitNomos, we want to use our knowledge to build future societies. The Deliberative Societies.
We have more than 25 years of experience in research on Deliberative Systems and Legal Digital Documental Processes
We have contributed to more than 500 academical publications

Great Innovations come from Great Deliberation

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